Language Lab

  • Hardware & Software based
  • Interactive Communication
  • Classroom Management

HDMI Solution

  • HDMI Extender/ Splitter
  • Full HD 1080P Supported
  • One/Multiple To Multiple


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Streaming & Recorder

  • HD Live Streaming& Recording
  • Support Multi-Channel Inputs
  • Web-Management


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Established in 1989, SINEW TECHNOLOGY specialized in CATE technology for decades, we are affirmed by worldwide partners in Asia, Middle East, U.S.A., Europe especially for reaching high local market share. Having firmly implanted into education market over 80 countries and 30,000 classroom installations, SINEW aims to improve teaching methods by creating efficient digital education management. Also focusing on Streaming& Recording System, HDMI Extender, Conferencing, Digital Signage and so on, we never stop to devote efforts to innovative, multi-functional and advanced products.

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