Smart HDMI® Matrix Extender


NCS LITE - Smart Matrix Extender-Web Control supports one& many inputs to one& many outputs.

Up to 99 channels to unlimited displays, users can easily broadcast the designated HDMI® signals to all or partial displays, classrooms or locations by using PC, laptop, even the mobile devices via web based platform. Besides, customized mode setting allows users to start or end the appointed broadcasting by one simple click. NCS LITE is definitely the right solution whether in teaching, conference room, outdoor sports game, medical training, digital signage, traffic control, smart campus broadcasting

and so on.

WEB Control:

•  Device Setting:Set names and channels of all the devices connected with TX and RX under the same network.

•  Mode Setting:Define often used channel broadcasting as modes by different teachers, adminstrators or requirements.

•  User Setting:Decide user authorization to activate target modes.


•  Resolution 1080p@60HZ over single cat5/5e/6 cable up to 394ft/120m.

•  Up to 99 inputs and infinite outputs.

•  Broadcast signals anytime anywhere without OS limitation by web based platform.

•  Support one to one, one to multiple and multiple to multiple extensions by IGMP switch hub.

•  Appoint channels to specific site(s) easily.

•  Quick mode setting according to user’s requirements.

•  User account authority management.

•  Freely decide the target channel(s) to be live broadcasted and recorded.

•  IR pass back function to control source devices from receiver’s location.

•  Optional conference camera and tracking cameras according to requirements.

•  Keyboard controller reaches 256 cameras’ control simultaneously.


•  Administrators broadcast the target source to all / partial / appointed classrooms or live broadcasting of principle’s live


  Allow to broadcast commencement to all or partial classrooms inside or outside the  campus.

     Also, it can be recorded at the same time.


• Smart Campus:Broadcast different videos according to grades or department separately.

• Live Speech:Live broadcast principal’s speech to partial or all classrooms even outdoor.  

• Traffic Control:Show different location traffic status on monitors for management.

• Medical Training:Observe and demonstration medical surgery.

• Digital Signage:Display different advertisements or contents to the target floor or spots to reach real-time& impressive


• Audiovisual Classroom:Replacing traditional way, NCS LITE reaches central control without extra converters or devices.


•  WEB Console Box:NCS-600B

•  HD-308T-Matrix(1CH):Channel Transmitter

•  HD-308R-Matrix:Channel Receiver


•  VP-HD20TNN:Auto Tracking Camera

•  VP-CKB:PTZ Camera Controller

•  Mini HD Max:Live Streaming & Recording System

•  VP-HD20-NDI:Video Conference Camera

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