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RES Recovery System

Instant Recovery & Centralized Management

RES Recovery System provides computer maintenance, system recover functions, and centralized management feature for large number of computers. 

The administrator can do maintenance / recover / management jobs from Console to all the Client PCs through network connection, to ensure every computer

can work normally.


  • System Recovery

RES Recovery System “Multi-point recovery” protection allows users to conveniently and quickly create / delete any of “recovery points”. When the computer problem occurs, can recover the system status to appointed “recovery point” saved disk status.

Folder Non-recovered

RES Recovery System also provides the “Folder Non-recovered” function, which allows user to reserve the folder and files in the folder after doing “system recovery”. It fulfilled the application of system protection and data saving.

Image Backup / Restore

RES Recovery System combines “Instant Recovery” and “Backup Restore”, two technologies of fixing system. When doing “Image Backup / Restore” function, it will together backup / restore the protection settings of “System Recovery”, protecting the computer with double defenses.

Rescue CD / USB drive

With the “rescue CD” or “rescue USB drive” made by using RES Recovery System, can not only recover system back to “factory” status, but also protect the installed application, system settings, network parameters, etc. When computer has problem and cannot enter system, applying this tool to bring computer system back to normal.

Local Disk Copy

RES Recovery System “local hard disk copy” function performs a high-speed disks content copy
on a single PC.
It supports following applications:
‧Differential copy:Copy only the CHANGES data.
‧Multi-point recovery:Copy all the created “recovery points”.
‧One to many copy:Copy from one to several disks at the same time.

  • NetCopy

Full NetCopy

Completely copy the same disk content from Sender PC ( some of the partitions / all of the partitions / the whole disk) to the disk of other receiver PCs which are in the same local network, and quickly finish all the applications, operating systems, and recovery program’s installation and settings. The “NetCopy” function of RES Recovery System, support “Multiple points” protection. It can send the protection of “multiple points” to each of the receiver PC at the same time.

Differential NetCopy

Send only the “changes” of data from Sender PC to the Receiver PCs.
No necessary for sending the data of the whole disk could have shorten the
time-spending of copy. RES Recovery System program can detect and different the changes of disk data, auto determine if it’s needed to do “Differential NetCopy” or not. Users have no need to do the judgement and operation.

  • Applications to Various Scenarios

Multiple-boot System

RES Recovery System provides multiple-boot program, which can build multiple-boot system (e.g. Windows / DOS / Linux) structure under the protection of “system recovery”. When computer boots up, users can choose which OS to boot from. It fulfills the application requirement of system protection and multiple-boot system exists at the same time.

Standalone Environment

With “Standalone Enviroment” of RES, can create one (or many) independent and non-recovered system environment for each student quickly based on specific “recovery point” protected OS environment to remain the last class end status while multiple class sharing the same classroom of continuous course.

  • Centralized Management

IT administrator can easily centralize all the separated and numerous Client PCs to Console program for maintenance and management through network connection (support both LAN or WAN), By executing “System Recovery”, “Remote Control”, “Remote Maintenance”, “Remote Settings”, “Data Transmission”, “Asset Management”, “Backup Manager”, “Device Access Control”, “Power Management”, etc. functions to the Client PCs, can rapidly do the maintain and repair the system to all Client PCs, and manage the software, and hardware devices.

Group Management

Through the “Group Management” feature, the administrator can create different groups for different users which have different properties for executing system maintenance and management to each each group.

Asset Management

Every time executing “Asset inventory” function, can instantly create a statistical report of all the asset including software and hardware. When the inventory result is different from last time, the system will display an alert message and list out the differences.

Energy-Saving Management

We can set up the power-saving strategy of the Client PCs, in order to avoid wasting energy and electricity fee. Besides, the usage information of each Client PC will be collected by program and create a detailed energy usage statistical report automatically for administrator reference.

Remote Management

Administrator from RES Recovery System Console PC, through network connection, can execute various remote management functions to the Client PCs, to manage Client PCs easily.