Warranty & Returns 

Warranty Policy

•  The standard warranty is 12 month period commencing the date of the shipping label on the products.

•  Before sending RMA items, please specify the problems.

•  When the serial number and QC labels are fallen off or damaged, products will be identified as out of warranty period.

•  Before sending back RMA items, please make sure they are well-packed & protected.

•  External power supply is with one month warranty period.

•  Warranty is valid when the components are available in the market.

Death on Arrival (DOA)

•  If the product damaged on arrival within one month, SINEW will bear two-way freight.

•  SINEW will repair DOA items for free and send them back.

Return Materials Authorization (RMA) under warranty

•  Customers bear one-way freight charge.

•  SINEW will examine& repair RMA items and power-on test 48 hours before delivering back for free.

Return Materials Authorization (RMA) out of warranty 

  Customer bear two-way freight and repairing charges.

•  Repairing charges depends on the problem. SINEW will inform the charges to customer before repairing.

Warranty Extension

Customers is willing to extend the warranty period excluding freight. 

  The cost of two years warranty is adding 10% of original unit offer.

•  The cost of three years warranty is adding 15% of original unit offer.

Storage Period

  RMA items is only kept for 6 months.

  Over 6 months, Sinew will not be responsible for the custody.

Contact of Technical Support or RMA






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