SINEW Weekly Insight Vol.1

Why Every Company Needs a Huddle Room?

More and more companies are adopting hybrid office or remote working mode nowadays, the demand for a small space that can provide a small group of people to discuss quickly is rising rapidly.

How Huddle Room Benefit business?

•  Convenience& Cost-Effective

Allow people have meeting right away. Huddle room only requires basic AV equipment to set up quickly without complex installation. Also, save the budget.

•  Quick BYOD Discussion& Encourage Collaboration

Huddle rooms offer the convenience of a quick meeting. The installation is fast& will not disturb company’s workflow.

By using Wireless Presentation System, encourage participants to share ideas from their windows laptops or mobile devices to a big screen together to discuss. Even teams able to display different contents at the same time with a

split-screen method to solve problems and to promote collaborate smoothly. Make discussion much simpler with the right technology.

•  Better Flexibility& Availability

Maybe not all participants are in the office, so having a full HD Video Conference Camera and Live Streaming Recording System able to bring local person and remote workers together, collaborate happily and efficiently.

The recorded videos can be used as a meeting record or can be discussed again after the meeting.

Huddle Room Must-Have Equipment Checklist from SINEW Technology

Wireless Presentation System with USB& HDMI Dongle

Video Conference Camera

Live Streaming& Recording System


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