Digital Language Training Solution

e-PLUS Lab5

e-Plus Lab5, a digital language training solution, stimulate students to reach active learning& enhance language proficiency with the predefined workflows. There are functions of screen broadcasting, oral practice, paper-less exam, remote control, topic discussion of students’ PC, etc. Support 18 language interfaces and customized function layout as required. An effective& digital tool to acquire listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.

Multiple Oral Training

 Different modes of oral training to fulfill mastering speaking proficiency.
•  Dialogue:Dialogue between teacher and (partial) students.

•  Oral Practice:Oral practice and record as file at the same time.(listening comprehension)

•  Group Discussion:Students’ oral discussion by groups under teacher’s command.

•  Student Oral Demonstration:Appointed student oral demonstration to others.

•  On-line Call:Under self-study, students freely talk to the target student.

•  Forum:Allow topic discussion for students to freely join.

Individual Learning 

Under self-study mode, student can fulfill efficient self-learning by predefined workflows.

•  VOD:Watch media files opened by teacher’s database or via web.

•  Self-exam:Students can do self-exam to preview or review.

•  On-line Call:Students call each other to do oral practice.

•  Chat Room:Topic discussion room by text for students to reach reading and writing practice.

Interactive Teaching& Learning

•  Screen Broadcasting with Microphone
    Allow to share teacher’s PC screen to all/partial students.

    Meanwhile, teacher can orally explain or guide by microphone.

•  Message& Help
    Active message and call for help by students under teaching

    mode. Teachers also can work one-on-one with students who

    need extra support via audio intercom or chat.

•  Real-Time Recording

    Teacher’s operation can be recorded as materials for the     

    same topic.

•  E-Board/Painter

    Under screen broadcasting or student demonstration mode,

    teacher can add manual remarks on the broadcasted screen

    page by E-painter as further explanation.

•  E-Responder

    Create questions such as choice, filling or oral reply in the

    class to pace the teaching by students’ learning progress

    and feedback.

•  Monitor Students

    Allow teacher to monitor all or appointed students’ screen or

    listen the oral practice separately to ensure that they are on     


•  Web Movie

    Play video (MP4, WMV, windows media, RV, MPV, etc.) to the

    target students’ monitor.

•  Media Channel broadcasting
    There are 24 video channels as courses or sources open to

    students to reach listening and reading training.

•  Auto Recite (Text to Speech)
    Typed text will be automatically broadcast to student as

    speech to have students to hear accurate high-quality

    pronunciation model.

•  Customized Function Button Setting
    Teacher can set required function button according to

    different classes.

•  Digital Exam
    Multiple exam mode such as oral exam, e-paper exam, quiz,
    on-line exam(webpage). Auto grading& analysis in minutes of 

    student’s works after exam to save time.

•  Simultaneous Interpretation

    14 language channels for 1~14 interpreters translate to

    other students who can select target language to listen.

•  Student Oral& Screen Demonstration

    Discussion between teacher& designated student can be

    broadcasted to other students. And broadcast student’s

    screen to the rest of students.

•  File Transfer/Homework Collection
    Collect files& homework from students.

Class Management

•  Boot/Reboot/Shut down:
     Boot/Reboot/Shut down of student PC centrally.

•  Program Control:
     Exit/Execute designated program such as web browser, e-plus lab5, PDF, notepad and so on at teacher or student PC.

•  PC setting:
     Student PC setting including display resolution, power control, screen saver, seat allocation etc.  

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