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Conference System

Particular Features

  • Built-in DSP processor prevent howling to achieve perfect sound.
  • Host power supply module. No extra power supply for delegates.
  • Built-in 3W Hi-Fi Speaker for conference amplification.
  • Expansion machine (amplifier) have channels to adjust speaker’s volume independently.
  • Excellent sound performance, high reliability and advanced digital technology.

MPS-300  Conference main unit

MPS-300 the powerful conference main unit with built-in DSP audio processing module prevent howling to achieve perfect sound. The system has 4 sets of loops. Each loop can connect up to 25 delegates and maximum up to 100 delegate microphones.


  • Built-in DSP processor for acoustic feedback prevention.
  • AUTO/ FIFO mode selection with camera video tracking.
  • 3 in 1 out matrix (CVBS) function can connect 1 ~ 3 cameras directly.
  • 6 microphones can be active at the same time.
  • RS232 computer connection control.
  • Speaking mode, Queuing mode, Allow mode, Free Discussion mode, Limited mode under computer control.
  • The main unit supply power to conference microphones, the output voltage is DC 24V, a safe voltage range to ensure safety.
  • International power supply specification AC 100V ~ 240V.
  • Firm and reliable installation, standard 2U housing for 19" rack mounting.

Technical Parameters (MPS-300)

MPS-308  Master Unit / MPS-108  Delegate Unit 

MPS-308 & MPS-108 digital conference microphone with superb digital audio processing and transmission technology to deal with high sound pressure. Full-balanced design and unique masking technique can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference from smartphones and other RF signals. Digital display shows microphone ID number and status. Excellent sound performance, high reliability and advanced digital technology which is suitable for all kinds of conference occasions.


  • Large adjustment knob and sturdy locking microphone plug design.
  • Red ring light of microphone and red indicating light while speaking.
  • High sensitivity design, effective range up to 50CM.
  • Support multiple master microphones online.
  • Great sound performance under long distance transmission.
  • Stable “Hand-in-hand” connection structure is more convenient and reliable.
  • Built-in 3W Hi-Fi speaker for conference amplification.
  • Support camera video tracking.
  • Equip with a 3.5mm headphone output.
  • Up to 25 delegates can be connected to the same circuit.
  • Master unit have priority function button to override all speaking delegate units.

Technical Parameters (MPS-308 & MPS-108)

MPS-310  Suppressor 

The feedback suppressor comes with independent suppression limiter reduces distortion. Each channel has a separate DC and overheating overload protection that automatically protects the amplifier and speakers.

Technical Parameters (MPS-310)


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