DRS Interactive PPT Exam Response System


DRS is an interactive response software based on usual PPT mode. By integrating with DBS, digital broadcasting system fulfills an efficient teaching and engaged learning environment even without students’ PC neither monitors. Instructors just broadcast PPT exam with different sources such as text, videos, and photos to students’ monitors or big LCD in front of the lecturer podium. Students just feedback the answer (True/False or Choice) by response key, DB-708. Without requiring desktop, monitors, keyboard or extra server, a joyful and effective training and instruction can be realized easily.

Easy& User friendly Power Point based Exam Mode
Power Point based exam mode, an easy& effective tool without requesting complicated skills to make exam paper. Also, PPT is highly compatible with multiple sources such as animation, video, photos, text and so on.

Economic& Cost-Effective
All the information including student lists, teaching materials and answer records can be saved into teacher PC centrally. No need of extra server to save the database to save the cost under limited budget.

Efficient and Engagement by Various Evaluation Mode
Various evaluation modes such as anonymous ballot, quiz, answer race, competition providing a variety of teaching modes to reinforce learning’s experience and effectiveness.


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