Media Central Controller


MTC PRO, a central controller, with built-in amplifier includes HDMI® signals switch, electric curtain, projector, light control, etc. It supports up to 4 HDMI® inputs to matrix HDMI® outputs up to 4Kx2K@60HZ. Customized mode allows users to fulfill one touch start or end the mode control. Independent volume adjustment of microphone, line in and record out to reach user friendly environment in the classrooms& conference.

System Structure

Wall-Mounted design to save the installation space


•  Central Control of Multimedia Devices

     Total control of media device such as HDMI® signal switch, PC power, electric screen, projector, light, volume control and so on

     by sensor touch panel.

•  Customized Mode

     Users can set common-use function in advance to reach one-touch to start or end control.

•  Multiple Audio Inputs& Outputs

     With 2 microphone inputs (6.3mm), one line in, one line out, one record out.

•  Independent Volume Adjustment

     Independent volume adjustment of microphones line in and record out to reach user friendly environment in the classroom and


•  IR & RS232 & RS485 & I/O Integration

     Compatible with multimedia devices by RS485, RS232, I/O, IR , 3.5mm audio jack, 6.3mm audio jack such as projector, electric

     screen, handheld microphone, light on&off, PC power on&off.

•  HDMI (4Kx2K) Matrix Outputs

     Built-in 4x2 HDMI® 2.0 (4Kx2K, 60HZ) signal matrix output.

•  Wall-Mounted Design

     Flexible installation of wall-mounted design to set console and touch panel in different places.

•  WEB-based Management (Optional)

     WEB control allows users to monitor devices’ status, scheduling & account authorization, etc. anytime anywhere.



  • Power (DC 12V)*1
  • HDMI® Input*4
  • HDMI® Output*2
  • Microphone Input (6.3mm)*2
  • RJ11*1
  • Built-in Amplifier*1
  • I/O IN*2
  • I/O* OUT*2
  • IR (TX+RX)*1
  • RS232*1
  • (VGA+ Audio)*1
  • Volume Tuner*4
  • USB*2
  • LAN Port*2
  • AC Power IN (100~250V/10A)*1
  • AC Power OUT (100~250V/10A)*1
  • Line In*1 / Line Out*1
  • Record Out*1
  • Panel Size(cm):16*14*21
  • Console Size(cm):38*12.5*5.5

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